Sunday, April 26, 2009

Liveblogging The Apocolypse April BlogMeet

1500 -- Left for BRBP on the scooter.

1513 -- Here, along with Tam, Caleb, Frank W. James, Joanna, Shermlock & family, Wayne, Old Grouch, Carteach0, Brigid, Mark Philip Alger, Nathan Brindle, Og, Owen of Owen's Life and more!

1515 -- No sign of Hank Morgan. Oh, well.

1520 -- Chatting with Joanna about Eee, the apostrophe (I will link to Bob the Angry Flower later), etc. Met Nathan Brindle, hurrah!

1530 -- Go to, sayeth Joanna, to find Aviary, a shareware open source Photoshoppy-thang.

1535 -- Two more arrivals (Charles & spouse), we need chairs! Too late, left while I was typing. Grrr. I was gonna declare a Beer Emergency. Come back!

1540 -- My life would be improved by not seeing men in their late 50s wearing bicycling togs. Unless they work out. (Joanna: "At least we're not at the beach!" Ick.)

1555 -- Mad Saint Jack just arrived.

1610 -- Jerry of Back Home Again stopped by for a visit on his way across the state.

1614 -- Tattooed waiters with Dear Leader stickers on the back of their order books? We must be in Broad Ripple.

1627 -- Big group introductions. Our tattooed waiter is Andy.

1630 -- Andy is handing out checks. Not the kind you can take to the bank, I am soooo bummed. Where's my unicorn?

1715 -- Talking to Old Grouch about recording media and technological obsolescence. In 500 years, will anyone be able to reverse-engineer compact discs?

1745 -- Line at the washroom. Geez.

1750 -- Og on rare hunting books, patience, etc. Mark Alger has photos up! For the record, I was making a face at the time.

1800 -- Tam, SB, Shermlock departing.

1805 -- Gear up, talk more, depart on scooter, 1815.

1827 -- There is chocolate in the fridge. Yummm, chocolate

1828 -- liveblogging from kitchen with Caleb, Tam and Shooting Buddy. We dissect the Taurus Judge and other fine products. South American gun laws are addressed. 20-round .380? Hey, whatever it takes.


Turk Turon said...

I phoned. Sorry I missed checking in!

Roberta X said...

My phone must have gonked. :( Try again?

Shermlock Shomes said...

I wasn't paying attention (Mrs. Shomes was!) as I didn't know you were doing something this cool with that EeePC! I would have offered a few choice smart-ass comments in hopes of having the preserved for posterity.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

It was fun; I'll be back :)

Frank W. James said...

Yes, it was fun. Now let's hope my ground will dry out sufficiently for some of us to get the tractors all warm and dirty.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Joanna said...

I maintain that the death of the apostrophe will be the death of civilization as we know it.

Tam said...

Coolest. Blogmeet. EVAR.

If you didn't make it, you should definitely try to rectify that next month.

Watched Frank James shooting this morning; I now know for a fact that those know-nothing eTards on teh intartubes who say that gunwriters shoot their groups with typewriters are talking out their asses. Farmer Frank stood on his hind legs and shot like a house afire...

Mark Alger said...

OK. Might have been a face, but I thought it was cute.


Hank Morgan said...

I was certainly there in spirit. I text messaged Og, he didn't say anything? Dumbass. Looks like a great time was had by all.

og said...

Hank: I don't have access to the ansibles you have, your text will probably arrive on tuesday.

A great time, indeed, and great to see everyone again. Wish I could have stayed and yapped for another couple of hours.

Mad Saint Jack said...

So listening to Frank tell Tam stories is just as awesome as it sounds.

I shall return.

og said...

Mad Jack, sorry we didn't get to talk more too. Just never enough time!!

Jerry in Texas said...

Sorry I had to blow in and out like I did. But hey, I made the introductions and the LiveBlog!

Enjoyed talking farm stuff with Frank and was so glad to finally meet Og in person.

Thanks for putting it together, Roberta!

Tango Juliet said...

I have cast a vote of no confidence in "The Judge."

You Hoosiers have all the fun.

Tam said...

"I have cast a vote of no confidence in "The Judge.""

I can't even say the name without laughing.

I blame the whole thing on the people who made the Chunder Five and then got their gun prominently displayed in Ihree Kings...

breda said...

JUNE. I promise

Caleb said...

Sure Breda. Just like you PROMISED for April. I was so heartbroken I couldn't go shoot at Iggle Creek that morning!

Drang said...

For the record, I was making a face at the time.Looks like the face I make when the entire 10 acre hops field is in my glass.

WV: hilichar. SoCal after fire season...