Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Lighting Update

...The blame thing commenced to HUMMMMMMMM at dusk for about thirty seconds and...gave up. Stopped, quit, fell silent and did not illumine nohow. The lux, she no fiat.

I am not stuffin' a new bulb on a crummy ballast, especially not in the dark, on a ladder, into an iffy fixture; there's another light at the back door and this night, that'll have to do. Surplusage de Escargo,* here I come!
* What, that's not "Tractor Supply?" My sincere apologies to the French but even more to Francophone Quebequois, since it was my baby brother's attempts, at age six or seven, to "talk French" while visiting their fair and pleasant land that have inspired my utter lack of a grasp of the language of luuuve and diplomacy.


rickn8or said...

You must have let the smoke out of it. Electrical stuffs no worky when you let the smoke out of them.

As long as you've got enough light to see the outline of the zombies, you should be okay for tonight.

Anonymous said...

Quebecois is not French; it makes too much sense to be French.

At a McDonald's in Quebec, one may order a Quatre-Livre Fromage Avec.

That is some multiculturalism, right there.

og said...

At least you didn't go to the surplusage l'escargot

HTRN said...

According to Babelfish, "Tractor Supply Company" in French is "Compagnie d'offre de tracteur"

And with that said, I have to say, there is something inherently wrong with that concept.