Wednesday, April 08, 2009

So, It's Come To Cat-Blogging

...Last night, I picked up Tam's cat, Random Numbers, who is pretty much a one-woman cat. Rannie promptly settled in, began purring and after a few minutes, suddenly perked up and looked around for the traitor cat who was in the arms of Not-Mommy and yet purring. She only stopped purring long enough to make Serious Eye Contact and call me what must surely be a very bad word indeed. ...And then right back to purring and kneading at the air.

She was miffed when I started laughing but I just couldn't help it.

An interesting Rannie-rule: (usually) only Tam can hold her upside down like a baby for very long but she will ride on my shoulders quite happily. It almost makes sense, if you are a very suspicious (tactikewl?) housecat: easier to escape if I suddenly turn out to be eeeeevil.

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