Monday, April 13, 2009

Eee? Eeeeeeee!

Just unpacked my Eee; I've been saving up lunch money for a goodly while now. And this blog entry is -- natcherly! -- via the gadget. No, wait, not that gadget!

My hope is that having a book-sized machine handy will be a help in writing. I'd take the Marko approach but I often have to look up and link to many things, sooooo. Here we are. (Besides, I'm pretty sure my starship-tekkie alter ego has one already).

And now I have to go turn off the "tap on the fingerpad = left click" function. Never have got on well with it. Can't have the netbook in my hand five minutes without messing with it.


Drang said...

Which one did you get? My annual bonus--one week after XMas--bought me a 1000HA; part of the reason I went for this one is the rated 7 hours of battery life (five is the best I've managed thus far in real life). The idea is that I use this with digital modes on the ol' "pork" radio.

Roberta X said...

1000HA, ditto! Battery life, plus screen and keyboard size. Plus I figured with the economy tanking, now was the time.

So far, I like it!

SordidPanda said...

Are you running Linux or Windows on your Eee?

The local Walbox has full size Acer notebooks for around 350, which is a tempting price for a laptop even if it only has a single core processor.

Roberta X said...

I'm running Windows -- it may not be the best but it's easy.

$350 is a very tempting price -- for me, the deciding factor was size; the Eee is hardly bigger than a notepad.

Bob said...

I use the 1000HA at work, it's quite handy.

There's a custom version of Ubuntu Linux designed just for the Eee: Eeebuntu.You'll probably scream after about a week trying to use the right-hand-side shift key. Apparently everyone does. (See Amazon reviews concerning this).

Anonymous said...

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