Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Various/In Haste

More Starship Stories are on they way! ...Managed a couple of para. last night, pretty sure how to write the next part. Some of this stuff happened over a year ago so it takes some effort to get it right.

Spike TV is working up an anti-pirate series -- sorry, guys, no Letters of Marque, they're hangin' with the Navy. Still, it's gettin' closer to the Pirate-Hunting World Championships I'm hopin' to see. (Update: Maybe it could be a Bake-Off?)

And that's it. I've gotta git. My "problem child," Stardrive Power Amp 2, is unhappy yet again; I'm meetin' Big Tom at the Drive Room and we're gonna see if we can make it run. Oh what fun.

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Mikee said...

So who will file a complaint, and with whom, if you take a 100 foot trawler offshore of Somalia and start sinking every small boat that approaches you?

And what would the penalty be, with your defense being, "We announced in Somali on our loudspeakers that if they approached we would fire on them."