Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Great Father In Washington

...Continues to talk big and back down later, as noted by no less a bastion of Leftidity than the New York Times and bemoaned by even Leftishier whiner Eric Altman. ...But lemme point at something:
[Various other backdowns quoted from the Papered Record of Notions, see below] "...And Thursday, Mr. Obama suggested that he would not fight in Congress to renew an assault weapons ban that expired in 2004.”

Let’s take these one by one. First off, did anyone actually vote for Obama, as opposed to either Hillary, Edwards, or McCain, because of his pledge to slash farm subsidies? I mean, it would have been nice, but… (And since when is having your proposal “effectively killed” the equivalent of “a willingness to capitulate?”) Ditto, on the private insurers paying more of veterans’ health care costs. Did that even come up during the campaign? And finally, the Social Security commission thing. I watched the election pretty carefully. Did I go to the bathroom during that part?

Class? What thing did the strange man not mention? Anyone? Yes, that's right: The Assault Weapons Ban. Perhaps he was wetting himself during that part.

I count it progress when even some of the whackiest on the Other Side treat the issue as Kyptonite. Which, Dear Leader, Elected Minions and cheerleaders, it is. Don't forget!

Rest assured, o foe, that we are watching.

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