Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh The Awfulness

Okay, for years the lefty Press -- even the Press that passes itself off as "center!" -- has been warning you of the vile hive of scum and villainy that is the mind of Ann Coulter. And she does sometimes make even me wonder if she's had all her shots.

For almost as long as they have been gibbering there-is-a-blonde-monster-under-the-bed, that same press has been reporting, well, murmuring like a flasher tryin' to get you to look under his raincoat, about torture.

Put the two together (no, no, Ms. Coulter writing about torture, you and your sick, sick mind) and what do you get? Several gleeful column-inches of "Do 'em again harder and then make 'em Methodists!" maybe?

Um, no. Not even close. But she does relate the horrible details of the mind-numbing ... goofiness. It even involved caterpillars. (Cheshire cats, Mad Hatters and/or dormice appear to have been ruled out). Dear heavens, I think there might not have even been breaks at teatime!


Mark Alger said...

Funny, really. When you parse what the left whingers are... well, whingeing about, it's so... silly. Like a Monty Python sketch. THE COMFY CHAIR!

The image of the bad, scawwy tewwowist sort of shrinks like any bogeyman when Mom turns on the light.


Chaplain Tim said...

I don't understand something. Our interrogators are forbidden from using "waterboarding" and playing on the native fears they find in subjects, but any cop on the street can use a Taser to inflict high voltage electric shocks to "suspects"? Is it me or did the world just slip around a corner somehow?


John B said...

I think I preferred the image of Ann Coulter in leather boots, fishnets, and a whip! rather than having had to read her routine. She hasn't said anything anyone else hasn't said earlier, and more lucidly.

I think she lost it about 5 years back. my attention at least.