Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Thank You But Please Try Harder

...If you are gonna e-mail your pals about my Real Life Tales Of Starship Tech-ery On The Hidden Frontier, get the tag right: it's "I work on a starship," not "I work on a star." Them star things are hot, an' you weigh too much on 'em, too. Plus it's hard to get any sleep.

New readers (both of you), they're in reverse chronological order. Click on the link, then scroll back to the earliest and read forward. Or read them in reverse, it's your dime and my novel.


Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, do you keep a journal of the different characters and/or the plot lines so you don't have improper cross-over?

wv: quitini - What you drink after getting out of work! I'll take a double!

Roberta X said...

I do not, other than what you read here; I have a bit of a timeline worked up but since it is, after all, Real History and the events on the Starship Lupine are only (in general!) mildly fictionalized from real life, so far it has worked out.

I had to thin down the officers to make 'em easier to follow -- real starships have about twice to three times as many of the folks with striped cuffs: it's a high-stress job and you have to carry spares.

The biggest challenge is covering the dull part -- spend several weeks in a folded pocket of space time with only a sparkly grey fog outside and you start wishing for space pirates. Once you pop back, it can be even longer getting back down to a reasonable speed and matching up with your destination; I guess that's a little more exciting (especially if you play back the composite radar/optical/etc. images at, say, 50X speed) but it is still lots of waiting, punctuated by rare moments of terror and all-to-frequent hours of frustration trying to keep all the important parts running.


Home on the Range said...

Now I can't stop think of Jiminy Cricket singing "WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR . . .owowow. . that's &(# HOT, mother *(#)"#^*