Monday, April 27, 2009

Training, Shooting, Nitwits

This is a placeholder for a rant I don't have time to expand at present.

...Sometimes a netizen will get his whatever in knot about another netizen and if they happen to be shooters, occasionally some form of shoot-off challenge is issued, often in the general form of "I'll meet you on the range and whup you at bullseyes!"

Very rarely is the challenge some form of semi-realistic competition - IPSC, IDPA, not even bowling pins or falling plates. Nope. Punchin' paper.

--Looky, accurate is desirable but if you keep 'em on a 3x5 card at ten yards, you're good enough when it counts -- if you are also aware, well-drilled, and don't panic.

Me, I do not shoot so well. I shoot about well enough and what I find myself working on at the range is gun-handling skills more than markswomanship. Reloading. Presentation. Flash sight picture. Focus. If I'm shooting way accurate, hooray! But I'll accept adequate. Real life does not hang there with concentric circles on it, fluttering in the breeze.

Excessive sharpshooter fixation is yet another way in which the best is the enemy of good enough.

Which is a truth some net.trolls appear to be hell-for-leather to act out. Think of 'em as a negative training aid.


Tango Juliet said...

The Internet isn't big enough for the two of us.

El Presidente.
High noon.
Be there.

The problem with the combat/action/SD pistol shooting skillset is there's SO much there to learn and PRACTICE. Just about the time your one handed skills are good enough up pops the question of the support side hand and why oh why does everything go left? :)

It's the challenge that keeps me going.

Aaron said...

I once got pretty close to engaging in something similar to the above mentioned shenanigans. The wifey's co-worker noticed a silhouette in my car, smirked, laughed, and said I was a lousy shot, etc.

Being younger and dumber at the time, agreed to go to the range with him. Everything was all set to go, until he asked why my target was at 25 yards, since he was at 10. Turns out, he'd never fired beyond ten yards except during gun quals.

I laughed all the way home, but still felt like an idiot for getting my ego involved.

Anonymous said...

"markswomanship" - what a great word!!

perlhaqr said...

What the hell happened there, anyway? Guy left a perfectly polite comment at 14:22, and was cussin' up a storm by 23:30.

Tam said...


Beats hell out of me, although I suspect Jim, Jack, or Johnny may have helped compose the later responses.

perlhaqr said...

Ach! Daniels, Beam, and Walker, Attorneys-at-law. Those guys are such enablers.

wv: rendso: "We rend so, and thus the man's new arse is born."

Tam said...

Heh. The funny part is that, when I answered his comment of 1422EDT, I was thinking that I wished he'd been around that afternoon. By midnight, I'd have laughed if he'd been hit by a bus...

Regardless, I've decided it isn't worth my trouble to engage him. He can rant at a blank page 'til he gets bored and heads off to trim his ear hairs or whatever he normally does for recreation.

perlhaqr said...

I take it this is someone you actually know?

Did you turn him down for a date or something? He sure got bent out of shape.

wv: "ignesse" Like noblesse, only 'bout ignorance. (Yeah, ok, I like this game way too much.)

drjim said...

I'm not too bad....I can get them all in the black at 50' with my 1911. But I sure agree about what you practice at the range. Gun handling is just as important as basic marksmanship. If you freeze with the slide locked back, you're screwed, or worse.

Tam said...

"I take it this is someone you actually know?"

Never met, talked to, or corresponded with him in my life.

Which is a shame, because to listen to him rant, he's apparently in perfect physical shape, handsome, independently wealthy, and a crack shot. Too bad about that personality thing, though. :D