Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bren Ten Returns?

I remembered reading about the Vltor Fortis awhile back. It kind of faded out and I figured it for more fascinating vaporware, but ha-ha-ha, guess again: there's more news now.

It wasn't enough for Vltor to step on cracks and break mirrors over their 10mm hand cannon, oh shucky-darn no, they had to go and name it after the ill-fated sidearm it emulates!

Not-quite-serious joking aside, I wish them luck. 10mm is a bit rich for my blood in many senses but it's an interesting product; Tangfolio Tanfoglio* (via EAA) offers a similar handgun, though I think it may be based on their .45ACP updesign of the basic CZ-75 mechanicals. 10mm has a reputation for being rough on slides and frames. Vltor, going into the design process well aware of the 10mm's established history, may have something new to add to the long and winding saga of the round that fathered the shorty .40 -- time will tell. It's still vaporware to me 'til I hold one in my hand and at least see it shot.

Thanx to TD for the info!
* There's something weird happens between my brain and the keyboard, not dyslexia but another manifestation of the clumsiness that has dogged me all my life. Keystrokes arrive out of sequence, syllables are omitted, it's just wrong. Working on touch-typing helps and I catch most of the mistakes but not all of them.


Tango Juliet said...

If God wanted us to have a 10mm autoloader, JMB would have invented it.

Phssthpok said...




poke, poke...tease, tease... ;)

perlhaqr said...

Man, I love the centimeter. :D I'm working on CAD drawings of a 10mm version of the CZ-52 right now. I just love that cute little roller lockup, and the ultra-thin profile. :D