Friday, August 14, 2009

Cultivating A Sense Of Inevitability

A co-worker said to me today, "If national health care is such a bad idea, why are the insurance companies all lobbying for it?

I boggled. "They're not!"

"Oh, sure they are. I saw that 'Harry and Louise' commercial just last night."

"That's Pharma. They're not an insurance company."

"Well," says he, "There are others, too."

Yeah, but none of them are insurance companies, either, as near as I can find. But it doesn't matter; this, along with the stacked-deck Potemkin village "Town Hall Meetings" are all part and parcel of an effort to cultivate an air of inevitability about the whole thing; demonizing and marginalizing protesters against it while the obedient Press bleats in favor of it is a big piece of the process, too. How they can claim straight-faced that SEIU and hired-thug boosters, bussed in with preprinted, mass-produced placards are "real grassroots" while protestors carrying hand-lettered signs are mere "Astroturf" is beyond me.

They've probably got the votes to nationalsocialize healthcare; but they want to be blessed by their victim's acquiescence. It is not enough for this Administration, this Congress to rape us over health care, they want us to ask for it first.

Dream on, Lefties.


Drang said...

I've gotta say, it does not seem to be working. The louder they chant, the less traction they have.

Mongo said...

So many are swayed by impressions, without any reality behind them. Some in the political sphere have used that fact all their lives.

I wonder what, if any, effect the new personal communications paradigm will have on that?

Joanna said...

Every time I see one of those Harry and Louise commercials, I turn off the sound and give it the finger. Then I go watch SpongeBob, which is at least intellectually honest about its purpose and intent.


Shermlock Shomes said...

Joanna sez: "Then I go watch SpongeBob, which is at least intellectually honest about its purpose and intent."



Joanna said...

Shermlock, that is just wrooooooooong ... X-)