Saturday, August 22, 2009

Character Assassin

I was digging around in Slate, where they'd posted some interesting things about President Obama's slipping base (or, as a White House spokesman called them recently, "The Left of the Left") when I found a link embedded in the words "barely suppressed violence" [of the Town Halls]. "OMG," think I, "has SEIU become even more brutal?"

But no. The link leads to a hatchet-job on the character of William Kostric, the Free-Stater who quite peaceably carried his sidearm well outside the secured area of a health-care rally at which the President spoke. Seems he actually signed the Free State Project Pledge and was a Ron Paul supporter, who'd'a thunk it? The "dirt" dug up outlines an ordinary FSP-type libertarian, right down to a letter critical of the official violence engendered by the War on (Some) Drugs. But this, in Joan Walsh's whacky world, somehow constitutes evidence of ill-will on the part of a man she accuses of "barely suppressed violence."

Hey, ijit, point to it! Point to the "violence" and then the "suppression," 'cos all I saw was a guy standing, holding up a sign, who had an object on his belt and kept it there.

(On the other hand, a real beat-down by purpleshirts gets no mention at all from Ms. Walsh. If you cut us, it seems, we do not bleed. Not, like, real people blood; to confirm this, read even a little of the Comments to the article, in which fervid Lefties speak of the guillotine and promise Mr. Kostric he'll "get what he asked for." What, a smaller gummint? No? Aw, rats).

Real story: the Left, especially the far Left, is losing big on health care and they're looking for someone to blame.
Full disclosure: I think the War on (Some) Drugs is idiocy, I carry a handgun anywhere it is not prohibited and I was a big supporter of the Free State Project, right up until they picked New Hampshire, presumably because Sealand, the Walled City of Kowloon and the Warsaw Ghetto were all unavailable.


Jim said...

The demonization of Ron Paul supporters is a measure of how vile Obama's left really is.

George said...

The American political scene gets better and better. The Left decries violence, hate groups and the lack of the true Easter Bunny.

The article cost a bunch of research time ... probably not by herself. But, the real interest is in the comments.

The symbol ... nonthreatening man with a legal gun bearing a protest sign where the President is to appear ... generates a vicious stream of hate-mongering and vitriol. From those who ostensibly are peaceful suburbanites.

For all the accusations they threw at him, the overall nature of their comments was just a little sick, don't you think?

Can the Left not see this themselves? It's like reading writers' workups/rejects on some psychotic SNL.

Unless, of course, it was all a put up job by the right wing lunatics, posing as sincere and honest left-tards. Not!

The Left are becoming parodies of something resembling the remaining cranial contents of Ted the Swimmer.

The only reason we don't have them up here in the Great White North ... US Army deserters notwithstanding ... is we're too lazy in our cradles.


Anonymous said...

If you haven't already, have a look at Peter's article he put up recently on the subject. There are a lot of people around who have a lot of bad ideas about individual liberty.


Joe in reno said...

I don't think they are looking for someone to blame nearly as much as they are in complete denial.

Ken said...

The demonization of Ron Paul supporters is a measure of how vile Obama's left really is.

What does it say about the "vote for the RINO so long as he's wearing laundry with an elephant on it" crowd what does the Exact. Same. Thing?

Disclosure: I voted for Paul in the Ohio primary, after Thompson dropped out.