Monday, August 03, 2009

Midway USA, Hooray!

On Friday, I ordered a 60-pitch grip bushing tap for the 1991, new bushings, shiny new, blued, slotted grip screws by Cylinder & Slide and a bushing driver, all from our friends at Midway USA; by this afternoon, I had them all and headed to the basement.

Out with all the old bushings, heap plenty oil, start that tap by hand! Cleaned out all the tapped holes in the grippy part of the frame, including the one that chews up bushings (and removed a few nasty chunks of metal on that one, popcorn-salt sized), taking out more rust than I expected. Wiped up the excess, cleaned out the threads with an oily pipe cleaner, installed the new bushings, the nice grips Og presented to me some months ago, and the new grip screws. Whattaya think? (Nice low serial number, hey?)


og said...

Sweetness! Glad the threads cleaned up nicely.

The Duck said...

Good job!! Least I know who to ask in case I have a problem ;-}

Carteach said...

VERY nice!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Wow. That's just purty.

(wv: doless. How Randian.)

sam said...

To amplify (snicker) what Nathan said, "Pert 'near as purty as Bobbi."

What they don't have a serial number for null?

WV: bomfro

Explosive scene from a '70's blackspoitation movie?

Turk Turon said...

Beautiful, beautiful!

JAFO said...


I've got one myself-- if that's the original finish I am about 15,000 kinds'a jealous!

Mine's seen.. better days. I have one of the bushings glued in with LocTite red. Seems to be holding, thus far.

My weapon isn't stock-- it's been worked on- Kart NM barrel among other things. I see a duracoat session in the near future- not sure if it'll be FDE or OD frame, with black slide.

JAFO said...

Oh yeah-- thoughts on sending her out for a melt job? :P

Anonymous said...

It looks good.


Loose Gravel said...

I love tap stories that don't end with "... and then I went in search of an EDM shop..."

Sharp looking bit of firepower!

Ritchie said...

If you didn't already know...

Argentine Colt Sistema Model 1927, .45 ACP Pistol
Production Dates

The information below is from, on 07/27/2001.
However, this page is no longer posted. Therefore, I have typed the
information, verbatim, below in green. Please keep in mind that this page
was translated by Google from Spanish to English. The [?] indicates
unknown; I typed what it printed.

"The Semiautomatic Pistol Colt "System" Argentine Model 1927, Caliber 11.25
m/m, produced by the Main Directorate of Defense Ind[?] Factory of Portable
Arms "Domingo Matheu".

In one first delivery we will put to consideration of the Legitimate Users
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1948 7,000 42.629 - 49.628
1949 5,000 49.629 - 54.628
1950 8,000 54.629 - 62.628
1951 8,011 62.629 - 70.639
1952 7,016 70.640 - 77.655
1953 2,500 77.656 - 80.155
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1966 500 111.995 - 112.494
Total: 88,494 units

Firearms Page Beast Werks, Ink. Home Page

Viewed times.

Page last updated 24 August 2007.

Ritchie said...

Just to clarify, everything below (...) is pasted from another web site.

Roberta X said...

Thanks, guys!

Retapping the threads is mostly a matter of using a lot of light oil and starting the tap by hand -- without a T-handle or anything. The last one was the fiddliest, tap didn't want to start on it and thought I was going to end up regretting not having left well enough alone. But then it caught. The threads of the three non-problematic tapped holes all yielded up a bit of rust but that's the only part of the gun I hadn't opened up and cleaned when I first bought it, so I hope I've got it all.

Got the numbers, Ritchie, and thank you. Mine was made in '48, it appears.

JAFO, that is the original finish as nearly as I can tell. I bought the gun at an Indy 1500 show for $350 (having recognized it as an apparently-unhacked Sistema in the seller's case), discovered the sear nose was chipped and the wide hammer was a littler "bitey" and proceeded to install a Cylinder & Slide kit: hammer, sear, disconnector and springs. It's very pleasant to shoot.

I may look into a new barrel and I am still undecided about the (stock) sights.

Drang said...

Blogger Sam said...
"WV: bomfro
Explosive scene from a '70's blackspoitation movie?"


Mind you, I didn't think Roberta was that kind of anarchist, but...

Ed Skinner said...

Black Beauty with brown riding leather. Very nice!

Tango Juliet said...

Looks good from here!