Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Indiana's Anti-Gun Mayors

Vote 'em out!
Mayor Richard Hickman, Angola, IN
Mayor Fred Armstrong, Columbus, IN
Mayor Thomas C. Henry, Fort Wayne, IN
Mayor Allan Kauffman, Goshen, IN
Mayor Tom Jones, Linton, IN
Mayor Bruce Hosier, Portland, IN
Mayor Stephen Luecke, South Bend, IN
Mayor Barbara Ewing, Tell City, IN
Mayor Ernest B. Wiggins, Warsaw, IN

And let 'em know why!

(Bitter did it first and she even has a nice map for Pennsylvania).


Anonymous said...

Fred Armstrong says this is his last term. We need to ensure his replacement is to our liking.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Carmel's mayor Jim Brainard isn't on that list because he was against guns before he was for them, but he needs to be out on his ass at the next opportunity, too. He calls himself a Republican but he governs like a Democrat. And his city is just before going bankrupt and/or raising property taxes to the moon.

Ride Fast said...

[...] Bloomberg’s California Mayors Against Guns [...]

Too good not to copy!