Saturday, August 08, 2009

D00d, No

Found at HuffPo, a comment about us terrible awful horrid gunnies from one "Liberal Angel:"
Hunting for sport is barbaric plain and simple. How is it fun to gun down a defenseless animal so you can mount it's head?
Um, mister, that may not be the mental image you were after.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I need brain bleach now

Turk Turon said...

Mounting first and then killing... now that would be barbaric.

Don said...

I'm confused. Does she think we're Reavers?

og said...

As long as the hunter supports a womans right to have an abortion, its ok.

Ed Rasimus said...

"Meat, it's whats for dinner!"

Yet, they never seem to have noticed that there is absolutely no mention in the Second Amendment about hunting, target shooting, collecting or even self defense.

But, increasingly it seems that they haven't read any of the Constitution.

LabRat said...

I'm always amused by the picture of hunting people have. Unless you're hunting over bait or hunting habituated animals in a "canned hunt", the hunter is at a pretty significant disadvantage; even if you have the shiniest, best-scoped Bambi zapper in existence, you're still hunting a creature that is faster than you, stealthier than you, stronger than you, has better senses than you, and has spent its entire life avoiding predators.

"Defenseless", indeed.

Stranger said...

After 40 years plus of observing the "National Council for a Sane Firearms Policy" morph and combine with similar groups like monsters in a bad movie; finally becoming "Council to Ban Handguns" and then "Handgun Control, Inc.," to whatever HCI calls itself today (it's still HCI on their stationary) and it's assorted spawn, nothing they can say would much surprise me.

There are at least 22,309 restrictive gun laws. None have done anything except give violent crime a JATO boosted take off.

HCI is either monumentally stupid or they are well aware of that. Since they still lobby for more gun laws, I classify HCI and its supporters as pro-crime lobbyists. And in my opinion no better than the Crips and the Bloods. At least the gangs are straight up enough about their business.


Anonymous said...

A few years ago, I read that in Wisconsin a man had been arrested for having sexual relations with a deer that had been hit by a car.
His defense: it couldn't be bestiality because the deer was already dead.
I never did hear how the case turned out.

wv: ingest - not a chance

Mad Saint Jack said...

Paul Helmke blogs at HuffPo and it is kinda funny to see him get beat up in the comments. Gun Banners can't even win on their home field.

Joseph said...

One of the reasons the groups like HCI are so virulent and passionate is...the people who run these groups would be out of easy, well-paying jobs if they were to be more realistic; they will never admit that guns don't cause crime, criminals do.

Joanna said...

Og: true dat.

I read once about a little boy who was feeding the deer at a national park. One of the deer got annoyed and struck him -- tap-tap -- in the chest with his sharp little front hooves. The kid died.

Defenseless, my ass. 'Sides, what about people who hunt, I dunno, bears?