Monday, August 10, 2009

So Sweet, It Glows

India is checking out a North Korean cargo ship loaded with sugar because they suspect it may be carryin' fissionables; seems Myanmar has asked their good, good pals in North Korea for help building a nice little reactor, 'cos all the kewl kids have nukes. India, for some reason, is just not down with that.

...Population density: it's self-correcting. Not usually in any sort of nice way.

In a totally unrelated item, Dean Ing's The Chernobyl Syndrome ...And How To Survive It, filled with practical tips on everything from wilderness camping to basement fallout shelters, continues to command surprisingly high prices on the used book market. And isn't there a James Wesley, Rawles how-to book coming up for sale soon? (Hey, lookie, Tam has an Amazon gateway in her sidebar!)


Turk Turon said...

Is The Chernobyl Syndrome a sequel to Pulling Through?

Drang said...

IIRC The Chernobyl Syndrome was mostly his collected articles from the defunct Survival, sister magazine to Soldier of Fortune. Ing and Pournelle were the two leading lights of a sort of Science Fiction Survivalist movement.

WV: coonsog. Raccoon Special Operations Group?

Gewehr98 said...

Cool. Maybe they'll have an "oops", meaning job security for my homies flying WC-135 Constant Phoenix sorties!

Standard Mischief said...

I've read Pulling Through, reread it just this past month actually. I still haven't tried to make a KFM.

I'll have to look for The Chernobyl Syndrome