Monday, August 10, 2009

Thank You, Farmer Frank

Tonight's dinner? Fire-roasted Indiana sweet corn from the garden of Frank W. James! ...Okay, we had some thick-cut hot-dill pickles, too, just for the contrast. On the corn? A little Irish butter. Dabba pepper. All I did was peel back the husks, clean 'em and put the damp husks back over after adding butter; wrap in foil, repeat with the next and by the time I had seven done, Tam had a nice bed of coals ready in the grill. Twenty minutes later: Yum!


mts1 said...

Now those are functional corn holders. Not those tiny corn cob shaped nubs. No, these are shaped so the fingers don't pop them out of the hand like a watermelon seed.

What is Irish butter, as opposed to the regular kind?

Roberta X said...

It's imported. From Ireland! I picked some up a couple weeks ago, we had some kind of baking planned and it was different and the price wasn't totally out of line for a fling. It is very nice, sweet and light.

mts1 said...

Cool! I thought Irish butter was a different make of butter the way Irish (black) pudding is not the same as regular pudding, Irish Coffee isn't quite the same as regular, etc. And when people pelt other people with bricks and stones, I've heard that called Irish confetti.

I know the Irish call their potato chips a different name, crisps I think. I was at an Irish pub in Chicago (yes, owned and staffed by Irish fresh from the Old Country), and the only food they served were Irish potato chips, from Ireland.