Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gun For Sale

It was "Hello and goodbye" for me and my Arisaka rifle at Beech Grove Firearms today. I put it on layaway back before the economy tanked and had only been back twice, with one thing and another. Went down today to pay off the last little bit and remarked I was just going to have to sell it. "Might as well leave it here, then," the boys told me, and after a little paperwork, back on the rack it went.

It's a pretty example, complete with intact Imperial chrysanthemum and Japanese date. It even includes the matching bayonet! It would not have been much practical use to me, as I am not a rifle-shooter and there aren't very many places to shoot rifles around here, anyway. ("'Sour grapes,' said the fox.")

Priced to move at $275 complete! Check it out at Beech Grove Firearms. Tell it I said, "Hi," okay?


Joseph said...

Several years ago, I had to sell off my Match Grade M1, my AR-15, my .45 and my .357. Small matter of keeping a roof over my head, you know...what really sucks, is I don't know that I will be able to replace them. Esp. the M1.

Roberta X said...

Oh, I'll never see another one this nice, which is why I didn't even take it home.

Besides, there is a battle rifle collector in this house and she isn't me. I have a shotgun, a couple of .22s, an SKS (and a lotta rounds for it) and an AR-15. I might like more but in terms of practical utility, I'm in good shape.

Old Radar Tech said...

'Ware the gal with one rifle!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so what kind of Arisaka was it?


Roberta X said...

Type 99.

Anonymous said...

Dustcover or monopod?