Saturday, August 15, 2009

Shop Whole Foods?

Maybe. Seems the founder/owner/whatever is speakin' out against nationalsocializing our health care and his hippie customer base is all squicked by it.

If the looters and class warriors are opposed to it, there's a good chance I will be for it. Haven't visited Whole Foods since they came to town (and gobbled up a smaller hippiemart) but I will now.

Update: Uncle noticed, too.

Updateder: If you're curious what makes him tick, freedom writer Sunni Maravillosa interviewed Whole Food's CEO John Mackey way back in 2005.


Anonymous said...

The last year we can get for murder totals is 2007. That's the national figures comparing apples-to-apples in a statistically valid way.
When the Washington Post wanted to make the figures not quite look so bad compared to Virginia, they wildly overestimate DC's population, and count almost one quarter of the state of Virginia as Northern Virginia.

2007 DC has 181 murders. Even with a vastly expanded Northern Virginia - south to the Rappahannok river, and west to the West Virginia border, and MANY times DC's area and population - Northern Virginia had 43 murders.

Right across the Potomac river from DC, all of 1000 yards maximum distance, All of Alexandria City and Arlington County had 3 murders each. All of Fairfax County - larger in area and population than DC - had a grand total of 12.

In DC you couldn't have guns to defend yourself, the court system is broken, and there's still no death penalty. In Virginia we have and carry guns; the court system is described as "The Rocket Docket," for the speediness of trials.

The Washington Post article is referenced below.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, that comment was for the post about the Brady Bunch coming to Indy. I blew it, sorry.

Perhaps Bobbi X can make the electrons all run in the same direction, and put the above comment where it's supposed to go?

Roberta X said...

I can and I have.

BobG said...

I don't do a lot of shopping at Whole Foods, but they do have some things I like that are difficult to find at other places nearby.

mts1 said...

Every Whole Foods is stocked a wee bit differently, but the one thing they have that I found to be comparatively reasonably priced are the dry goods. My annual autumnal trip to Whole Foods was to stock up on peas, lentils, beans, and all sorts of dry good ingredients for winter time soup making goodness. Everything else is horribly overpriced. But chocolate soy milk is good.

Hecate said...

If the moonbats are upset about the Whole Foods CEO's position on socialized medicine, they can find consolation in his position on concealed carry in his stores.

I e-mailed the company when they posted their Omaha store as a defenseless-victim zone, and the reply I got was condescending, smug and sanctimonious.

Mikee said...

Whole Foods is a wonderful store, in that they follow the mantra, "There's one born every minute." They sell things nobody in their right mind would actually buy, at vastly inflated prices. And I say, good for them.

I've enjoyed the use of their stock for making me money, in the long-ago past, and I've even shopped there using a gift card from my mom-in-law. But as a corporation, they have made the discovery that fools with money will pay for aromatherapy ingredients and carob-coated wheat hulls.