Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oooooo, Man Had A Gun

Oooo. Icky-poo.

If I read or see one more word from the pantywaist brigade about the NH resident who was open-carrying a handgun and waving a sign quoting Thomas Jefferson along the route to be followed by the Presidential motorcade preceding yet another Nuremberg pro-nationalsocializing health care rally, I'm gonna start screaming. And it's not just the usual media nitwits on the Left wetting themselves; I'm seeing self-proclaimed "conservative" blogs doing it too, trotting out well-worn lines about the sanctity of the office an' the need for us little peoples to doff our caps properly, yadda-yadda.

Ladies? The President of the United States is just some guy; we stock a spare one and we have backups even to the spare.* He travels in a bulletproof vehicle. And as a general rule, even bugnuts assassins have enough mother-wit left to strike from hiding.

The Prez -- any of them! -- is no big deal. The Bill of Rights is a big deal. "President" does not trump "rights;" you've gotten your American History confused with Fuehrerprinzip. That's not how it works here, kthanx. Keep on acting like it does, and you'll make it so no matter what the laws say, ijits.

Relatedly, there are also reports of a "man with an unregistered gun" in the High School where Mr. Obama was going to speak. Ummmm, no, and not just the non-existent registry quibble: lad was carrying a pocket knife, so what. He did own a gun, which was locked in his car parked on school grounds (a likely no-no) but it was outside and he was inside, and y'know what security does for these events? They secure the building tighter'n a drum. Outside stays out, inside stays in, passage between the two involves wanding and a bag search every time. No passes for nobody nohow never (I have BTDT, I'm not just guessing). So: man here. Gun there. Walls and guards between. Unless he has psychic powers, this is not a threat.

Unless you're a self-soiling pantywaist.
* Including, to my horror, Nancy Pelosi. Jeez, people, willya pleeeeze vote?


Popgun said...

I agree; and I love the wit.

Especially the footnote about Pelosi. So TRUE.


George said...

Don't vote! You'll only encourage the assholes.

Roberta X said...

George, luv ya but do I tell Canadians what to do?

Stranger said...

Good one. Wish it were mine.


George said...

Hi Roberta X ... no ... of course you don't tell us Canucks what to do. I am just beginning to think that we should all consider what we're doing. Your American asshats aren't any different than our Canadian ones. And to think that many of us thought politics an honourable and worthwhile endeavour ... at one time. Now .. we know better and I would be hard pressed to consider any representative ... with more than one term ... to be honourable.

Politics is a swim in a murky and polluted swamp. Any who venture there are inevitably tainted and defiled.

To that end, despite all our other differences, both of our countries are alike.

Term limits ... someone else suggested two terms ... may be a solution.


Oh ... I luv ya, too.

Roberta X said...

On voting: the future belongs to the people who bother to show up. Asshats do not seem to have any difficulty showing up. I think the problem's obvious.

Do I believe for even a second that voting can produce really substantial change? Nope. If it could, it'd be illegal. It is, however, a useful rearguard action, buying time 'til somebody can come up with a better idea.

Gun Shy Tourist said...

yep, it pretty kooky: