Friday, August 21, 2009

Clearly Didn't Watch Serenity

Or did they? Somehow this BoingBoing article on neuro-drugs as weapons never mentions that film's projected government use of an aerosol anti-aggression drug while reporting about real-world governmnet investigations into "calmatives," "...drugs could be 'used to pacify aggressive people.'"

Art, Life...such a fine line. Such a pitifully fine line. "O Brave New World..."


Anonymous said...

rather turn into a Reever then become a sheeple.


loki said...

Where is River Tam now that we need her?

Anonymous said...

Is there someplace that I can sign up to become the wacky sidekick/ pilot. I already have toy dinosaurs and hawaiian shirts!


Matt G said...

Long before Serenity, of course, Huxley predicted the use of Soma.

But you know that. ("'Oh Brave New World.'")