Sunday, August 02, 2009

Health-Care Linky

From Unwanted Blog, excerpts from a presentation on U. S. health care as compared to elsewhere, explaining why our outcomes look worse in terms of raw numbers but actually are better. Aha!

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Turk Turon said...

Also in the "Baby With The Bathwater" Department there is this interesting entry in The Volokh Conspiracy, with close to 200 comments, for and agin' it:

The author claims, with some justification, that American healthcare, while it has serious problems, is in many important respects superior to that of other nations', most of which have the same serious problems of controlling costs and access. The author's conclusions, and his statistics, are hotly disputed in the comments section, but most of his critics seem to be nibbling around the edges. His core argument seems to be standing up well, particularly vis-a-vis Canadian "single-payer" healthcare. Several commenters, including some Canadians, point out that the Canadian system benefits enormously from proximity to the U.S. and the "free-enterprise" system in The States. Without access to American pharmaceuticals and, especially, American neo-natal care, the Canadian system would not look nearly so good, statistically.