Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Central Planning, The Home Edition

Staghounds, in a comment at Tam's, pointed to his handy "pantry proof" of the flawed nature of a planned economy. Have a look. It's a classic!

(Why am I reminded of the "kitchen debate?)


Bubblehead Les. said...

So right on! Hell, I remember when the ship I was on in 1979 had to spend 3 extra days in port because we had gone over budget on consumables and had run out of Toilet Paper! You would not believe the radio messages that flew before someone in the Pentagon convinced the higher ups that you could not send a ship to sea for a month with only 6 rolls of Bumwipe for a hundred people. And this was from one Navy Branch to another! And these Commies think they can plan an economy?

Roberta X said...

...And that's Our Military, who have gone in for stats and analysis and planing in a big way, and who issue standardized everything to more-or-less standardized fighting men and women, most of them operating in known places under known conditions: if they still have trouble getting it right even playing with loaded dice in a generally-predictable environment, how much more difficult is the task for a non=-uniform population? (And a lot of that fine .mil surplus one buys is the other side of central planning; not only do they run you outta bumfodder, you end up with a jillion extra tortoise forks and eventually have to sell 'em as scrap, back into the....drumroll...uncontrolled market).