Friday, August 13, 2010

Meanwhile, "Democracy" Means A Majority Of Your Neighbors Can Rob You.

Right? Ask around any editorial page! The Unwanted Blog shares excerpts and provides analysis!

Remember, the gloriously pure democracy of Athens was viewed for centuries after as a cautionary example.

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Stranger said...

A good translation of Aristotle's "Politics" makes a pleasant and informative read.

"Democracy" is NOT government by the Demos, the people. Democracy is government by the poor - because there are so many of them. Both in wealth and in spirit.

On the other hand, a "Republic" is political scheme in which the elected king has a weak army but most of the men are armed. Since an invader would be facing almost the whole of the country's population, invasions are rare. And since the Demos far outnumbers the weak army, the king must either please the people or be shortened by a head.

So those who would take control of a Republic are left with the option of changing it from government by the people to government by the poor.

Of which, there is a vast difference.