Saturday, August 07, 2010

North American Brindle-Spotted Decepticat

It sneaks up quietly and settles down next to you on the couch, sprawled nearly upside-down, purring. When you notice it, it bites you and calls you a bad name.

...Still purring.

Tam's out of town today and I'm cat-sitting. Random Numbers is in her usual moods. She was good as gold about not trying to steal breakfast off my plate while I was eating -- a huge improvement over even a year ago.

After the decepticat episode, I finished trimming her nails (left a front paw untouched after I cut a rear claw a bit too short last week, ouch) and rewarded her afterward with some string-thwarting, in which one makes the string simulate a snake (or sometimes a very small Queztocoatl, by making it fly through the air) and the cat thwarts it. Seemed to work.


Home on the Range said...

hmmmm. Last time I saw her she was really stoned on catnip. Maybe that will mellow her out.

Drang said...

Ratbane is prone to biting, without drawing blood or even breaking the skin, when he is feeling lively. We think he thinks nose bumps or licks aren't macho enough for him.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I did not spot your cat.

That is a base canard.


Roberta X said...

H'mm. But if she were in sight, could you? With field glasses? Besides, Rannie is Tam's cat.