Monday, August 02, 2010

He's A Straight Shooter

--Even when he's shooting fish. He holds World Records with the slingshot. He was a guest expert on Top Shot and it turns out Thirdpower knows him. Now that I've been to his website, Chief AJ is one of my heroes. He's a sure 'nuff real Chief and a shooter (.22s, ARs, slingshots, bows and that's just a start) of the good old school, by gosh! The man shoots aspirin out of the sky with a .22 the same way you were takin' clay pigeons with a 12-gauge, probably better; and he's 72. (Remind me not to complain too much about the ravages Of Time, hey?)

...I ordered a slingshot. Always wanted one and these come with expert instruction.

Go, have a look -- he really is arrow-hunting fish with one model slingshot. Wild hogs, too, shoats just about pan-sized (for the larger pan). It's an education. I had no idea anyone was up to this 'til I saw it on Top Shot and they didn't even show half of what Chief AJ does.


Anonymous said...

Chief AJ used to come to the Indy 1500, selling his gunsmithing services to Mini-14s and 10/22s.

Shootin' Buddy

Don said...

I didn't see Chief AJ on Top Shot! Must have been this latest episode?

Yeah, he's awesome.

Tam said...

I want to see Chief AJ and the Gunny co-host a show. It would be made of such weapons-grade awesome that your television would EXPLODE!!!!1!!eleven!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. That's not a slingshot, that's a flipper crotch. I honestly don't know why people call a flipper crotch a slingshot. They're two entirely different mechanisms of delivering a projectile.