Saturday, August 28, 2010

They Were hoping To See Blood

"Honor And Dreams Appear Ready To Clash" --headline in The Indianapolis Pointy Thing newspaper, Friday morning.

Seems they missed the point; unless I have missed something, middling-whiny conservative commentator Glenn Beck* and whinier Lefty Al Sharpton managed to stage big rallies today in just about rock-throwing distance and not start any fights that used anything but words.

Big Media in general has been chanting, "Fight! Fight!" on the sidelines and offering to pop popcorn from the git-go -- but the American people ignored 'em. 'Cos we're better than that.

A common thread among ordinary people interviewed: "I don't agree with [Rev. Al/Glenn/both] but they're Americans, they've got a right to speak out." Tell it to your dang Senator!
* I know many of my readers are more fond of Mr. Beck than am I. It isn't that I really dislike him, I just think the man's got a lot more Huey Long -- or P.T. Barnum -- to him than he has Ayn Rand. I'll take my Becks Billy and my Glenns Reynolds, if you don't mind, and if I want to be entertained, I'll read a book.


Stranger said...

Well - Beck threw a big rally. Estimates based on crowd size, density, and overflow were around 600,000 by 1:00 Yaptown on the Potomac time.

Reverant Al, not so much. About the same turnout as a small town 6A high school football team on a normal Friday night. Not enough to keep the concession stand busy.


Joseph said...

In my view, politicians, pundits and the .gov in general are trying to sell me something I don't need or want and I'd wish they'd go away and leave me be.

Mad Saint Jack said...

Beck is good at selling books too. His books, books he likes, and books he hates.

Roberta X said...

He isn't without his good points; I just guard my wallet any time a public figure waxes all choked-up and weepy over abstractions and generalities.

...Rush Limbaugh, for instance, jumped the shark for me when he compared the elder George Bush's departure from the White House to the death of one's father. I don't give a figgin who's president, they ain't my Dad -- not even close. That's just the eternally-odious Leader Principle and it is done all the way across the political spectrum. Makes me want to puke.

MaddMedic said...

Babble and talk. Although maybe some politician will take note so many of us are pissed off and many whom did not give a crap about politics a few years ago, now do.

I want to be left alone, pay my own way, protect myself and family as is my right to do so.
Pick my own damn healthcare.
And expect others to do the same.
Do not use my tax dollars for any damn special interests, none.
Quit telling me I have to be pc.
Quit stealing from me.
Quit telling me I hate every damn body because I happen to have an opinion. Obama is half white you damn fools.
Quit telling me I CANNOT worship the God I want to in the manner I want to.
And if you do not like my clinging to my guns, Bible and Religion.....Remember I am a pew jumping, bible clinging, gun toting American!! And DAMMIT remember the flippin GUN part!!
Screw em all....

Sorry I am bit pissed these days.

John B said...

Roberta, even Saturday Night Live had a tearful g'bye for the elder Bush.

In my cups in a Tavern at the time, I said "After a year of Chester the Molester and his shrill strident wife, you'll miss the old boy!"

That is the main purpose of the sitting president. To make you miss the previous one.