Sunday, August 08, 2010

My Brunch

Didn't have all that much in the fridge, so I improvised.

Country sausage patty on toasted rye bread, topped with skillet-roasted diced poblano pepper, thin-sliced radish and Swiss cheese: O.M.G! It didn't need anything else, just juice (cranberry, my fave, with V8 a close second) and good coffee* to wash it down.

Now, if only the Ibuprofen will kick in, I can maybe get something done.
* It's a sad commentary on the the various vendobots at work and the swill served up at all but the very best eateries that I feel compelled to specify good coffee.


Drang said...

RE: It's a sad commentary
That's life, honey, even here in the Land o' Charbux, most of the coffee you get isn't worth what you pay for it. Part of that is that mostly you're served a blend of whatever was cheapest. Buying whole bean Ethiopian or Kona or (when I can find, and afford, it) Jamaican and grinding to taste makes a big difference. Especially if you can afford to have it roasted to taste, as well...

WV: furco. Not in August, surely? Even the cats are thinking about doing without...

Jennifer said...

I am definitely a coffee snob. The EvylRobot not only makes holsters, but he roasts the coffee beans for our personal consumption in the backyard.
Although, I will partake in the swill that is the most efficient caffeine delivery system in the office.