Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Secret Of Happiness

I'm tempted. Drink it hot, or enjoy it frozen like ice cream, do you suppose?


Ritchie said...

A:"It's a dessert topping!"
B:"No, it's a firearm lubricant!"

Glenn B said...

If you follow the Atkins diet Lard would be A-Okay. I once read that the Atkins diet has at least 5 actual scientific studies to back it up as being one of the most effective diets of all. Maybe there is something to that poster.

All the best,
Glenn B

BobG said...

Lard makes the best pie crusts and tortillas.

George said...

Went to a restaurant yesterday, with an unhealthy theme - The Heart-Attack Grill (srsly!)
Burgers, FRENCH FRIES FRIED IN LARD!, beer, sugared soda, cigarettes...waitresses dressed as nurses!. It was WONDERFUL!

Unknown said...

Anything I fry is fried in lard or bacon grease. Lard also, as BobG has noted, makes better tortillas, flakier pie crusts, better breads, etc.
I wouldn't use vegetable oil except under duress, & then I'd kill myself afterward in revulsion.

eriko said...

I once had a British (English) roommate while working at a summer camp. He described a Scottish housemate he had while in school. The guys diet consisted of white bread smeared with lard and then grilled up in the built in griddle on the stove then washed down with whiskey.

The build in griddle was important in that it had a grease trap. On special occasions the Scot would warm the trap up and drink the contents.

The Brit said the screams from the loo when he took crap where very impressive.

Crucis said...

My SIL still uses lard in place of cooking oil. Everything is fried in lard. Her baking uses lard when oil or crisco is called for.

It shows.

Stranger said...

Well, lard is much like margerine on bread; und mine Kraut friends eat quite a lot of it that way. As a people have a remarkably low rate of coronary artery disease.

And as BobG noted, lard is excellent for pastries and corn based foods from tortillas to "hush puppies."

How does it rank as a food? The last time I looked, after eleven studies even the US Gummitup had to admit both lard and the Atkins diet is safe and effective. There have surely been more studies since.

The diets that are actually dangerous are those that feature high carbohydrate intakes. And wheat flour seems more dangerous than a high sugar diet. At least, sugar consumption will not result in sprue. Which usually leads to beri-beri.

Don't believe it? Check out the diabetes rate among the Pima, Navaho, and other peoples whose diet consists of 50% or more carbs.

Of course, the best way to consume lard is the old fashioned way.



Roberta X said...

Carbs with a high glycemic index are especially suspeect.

-But I seem to have been misread; I don't particularly object to lard; that would be like objecting to yeast for bread and beer; what flips me out is the notion that one would sit down and eat it as an entre or a a side dish. And yet the ad seems to imply that very thing.

Chuck Pergiel said...

In "Two Years Before The Mast" they encounter a Russian ship in SF bay, and set to swapping stores. The two Russians score a tub of lard and sit down and start consuming it on the spot.

Fats in general used to be in short supply (pre 1950), I think, and for some reason I think it's related to making explosives.

Ritchie said...

A:"It's a dessert topping."
B:"No, it's a demolition agent precursor."
It took a little expedition through the mental attic, but you are quite correct. Also, your bacon may be a danger to the hood, and may require special licensing.

-Charles Pergiel-
"Fats in general used to be in short supply (pre 1950), I think, and for some reason I think it's related to making explosives."
Glycerol forms the backbone of triglycerides, and can be produced by saponification of animal fats, e.g. a byproduct of soap-making.


Glycerol is used to produce nitroglycerin, or glycerol-trinitrate (GTN), which is an essential ingredient of smokeless gunpowder and various explosives such as dynamite, gelignite and propellants like cordite. Reliance on soap-making to supply co-product glycerine made it difficult to increase production to meet wartime demand. Hence, synthetic glycerin processes were national defence priorities in the days leading up to World War II. GTN is commonly used to relieve angina pectoris, taken in the form of sub-lingual tablets, or as an aerosol spray.

OOH, spray TNT! Do want!

Bubblehead Les. said...

In the Akron, Ohio area there are several restaurants that make what is known as "Barberton Fried Chicken". It is actually a Serbian dish, where the chicken MUST be fried in LARD, or its not considered authentic. It also comes with a rice based "Hot Sauce" and a very sweet Cole Slaw. To date, no one has found a way to replicate it to be used in a Nationwide Chain Restaurant, like they did with Buffalo Wings a decade ago. Too bad I have to make a hundred mile round trip to get some, but the Jungle heat is supposed to dry up this weekend, and I haven't visited my sister in awhile...