Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Cyclo-what-arama?

The Indianapolis Cyclorama, that's what -- a large, round building used to exhibit panoramas! It was all the rage as the 19th Century wound down, but the fever didn't last. (Looks as if it might be coming back, here [the painting of The Seasons in the entrance to White River Gardens] and there).

You never noticed our Cyclorama? Why, it was right downtown, across from the Statehouse! It even bears a certain resemblance to another area boondoggle landmark. But you missed it by more than a lifetime; it's long gone, subsumed by Progress in 1903.

History doesn't so much repeat itself as it works from old notes. The Cyclorama was pushed over to make room for nothing less than light rail: the nine-platform Traction Terminal, marvel of the age. By then the old building was past its prime, used as a recharging garage for electric cars. I didn't stutter and that's not a typo: in Indy in 1903, electric cars had to make room for light rail.

Me, I'm figurin' it's just a matter of time before high-button shoes make a comeback; the campaign against Demon Rum is already in full swing.

[sigh] Reruns. Again.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Personally, I'd be happier if they were selling guns'n'ammo to folks with CCW permits instead. You can get liquor durn near anywhere, these days.

Anonymous said...

What this town needs is a monorail yes sir.

Stranger said...

I was a bit bemused to see a young'un wearing knickerbockers in the local mall. I doubt they called them knickerbockers at the store, but they would have passed, a century ago. And he was about two years shy of long pants.

I suppose the next big thing will be the jodhpurs that were the latest thing among the fake horsey set circa 1890 and 1935.

Those of us who rode were happy with whatever we could stick in our Justins.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

With regard to the "what's old is new" theme, this looks intriguing.

Borepatch said...

I'm figurin' it's just a matter of time before high-button shoes make a comeback

Don't tell Flegmmy ...

Roberta X said...

She may already own a pair. Now all we need is a fellow with a hayfork, a barn for a backdrop and a few other items of vintage attire for him & her, and we'd have us a painting!