Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hello And Gotta Git: Gun Show In Brief

No, no, down, boy, it means "a quick report," which is all I have time for.

Tam and I hit the Indy 1500 on Day One, arriving an hour after the doors opened to find...a long line! Inside, pretty crowded for a Friday and a fair amount of actual business going on. Plenty of ammunition available and word on the EPA lead-bullet idiocy did not appear to have (yet) caused a run on the stuff; I picked up a little .38 Super and .45ACP anyway, 'cos you never know. (Also .38 Stupor is never easy to find, at least in gunstores around here: "Unh...we had a box of that around here somewheres...," they say, unearthing a well-yellowed Winchester white box in a dust bunny) .

We saw not one but two early 20th-century Mauser .25 pistols, scaled-down replicas of their quirky .32, practically dollhouse guns. ("Everybody stay calm an' hand over the glitter or Barbie gets it!") and I held a couple of Merwin & Hulbert revolvers, which feature one of the oddest opening/closing mechanisms I have yet seen -- unlatch the whole front of the frame/barrel assembly, twist it free of machined grooves and pull it (and the cylinder) forward to dump the spent brass and reload: better get it done in five rounds, cowboy, or carry a brace of 'em!

And -- aw, would you look at the time? Laters, I gotta git.


Stranger said...

Fox reports the EPA says it does not have the authority to ban lead in bullets.

Given that EPA Admin Lisa Jackson has acted without authority before, my first surmise is that the flap hit far too close to November 2, and Jackson has been leashed.


Drang said...

Fox reports that the EPA acknowledges that it does not have the authority to ban lead ammo. (Boy, that didn't take long.)

US News and World Reports reports that the NRA was working that days before it even hit the blogosphere. (UPDATE to EPA Rejecting Lead Ammo Ban)

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

NRA had a press release last night regarding this. The EPA letter to petitioner rejecting the part of the petition regarding lead ammunition is found here.

Ed Skinner said...

A couple of years ago in Phoenix, you would see pairs of men coming out of the gun show, speaking Spanish to each other, and each pulling a two-wheeler heavily laden with tens of thousands of rounds. They would load the trunks of their cars and, rear bumper almost dragging, slowly drive out of the fairgrounds parking lot. Destination unknown.

There's a show coming up next month. I wonder if it'll be any different?

Stranger said...

Watch the EPA find, or be handed, a reason to ban lead bullets if the elections go well for them. History does not repeat itself exactly, but it does get very close.