Friday, August 06, 2010

Overheard In The Office

Tam: "I was just watching Rachael Maddow. It was like TV from another planet. Did you know we're living in an oppressive theocracy?"

RX: "Then how is she still on the air? Wouldn't an 'oppressive theocracy' have shut her down?"

Tam: "Oh, they will just as soon as the Republicans take over!"

RX: "Like they did Air America?"

Tam: "The clever way they made people not listen!"

RX: "Or buy advertising! Oh, they're fiends! Speaking of which, whatever happened to Congressman Al Franken?"

H'mm. Anyone checked under the bus lately?


Stranger said...

Al "Bozo" Franken was caught rolling his eyes yesterday, so he (it?) is still polluting the environment.

It's amazing how far one can go with an empty cranium. And the big echo found in most large and vacant enclosures.


Mike W. said...

Tam managed to watch Rachel Maddow without vomiting?

Bubblehead Les. said...

You better get Tam to the hospital right now! Don't you know there is an CDC warning about Maddow? Turns out, more than 5 minutes exposure resets your genetic makeup and turns on the Zombie Gene! Why, I've heard of people who've spent a week watching her turning up on the street wearing Greenpeace patches and demanding you sign a petition to repeal the 22 Amendment so Obammy can be President for Life, all the while mumbling "Brains, must have Brains, why did I vote for these fools, must be because I don't have Brains!" Hate for you to have to mess up Roseholme after you break out the Chainsaw and put her out of her misery!

Tango Juliet said...

Those rascally Republicans! Too bad so many are virtually indistinguishable from their Dem counterparts in their desire to put career ahead of country.

sam said...

Lovely Roberta, I believe Stuart Smalley is actually a Senator.

I can't believe the state of my birth actually voted for him. They must have consumed tainted Lutefisk on election day.

WV: repant. What many Minnesotans must have had to do after they realized who they elected.