Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Have Reached My Target Heart Rate

It's a quiet morning at Roseholme Cottage. I slept in and so did Tam; I got up when I heard her feeding the cats. I threw on a robe and wandered into the kitchen, where I filled the electric teakettle -- to make coffee, confusingly enough. (We use a Chemex:[1] it's Tam and Roberta X approved!)

Went back to the computer room/cat bedroom and was booting up my computer when I suddenly heard a horrible noise from the general direction of the kitchen! Catastrophic teakettle failure? It was a boiling, arcing sound, with a nasty undertone. I leapt up and ran down the hall, though the catlock door, took a right turn through the dining room to the kitchen where--

Where Tam gave me a quizzical look, as the seldom-used coffee grinder shut down. "I assume you wanted coffee," she said. "We're out of the good stuff but there were some beans left." And she pointed to a bag of good old Eight O'Clock.[2] "What brought you out here in such a hurry?" She had the grace not to snicker too loudly at my stammered explanation.
1. FTC? KMA. They ain't never gave me nuthin' nohow. But their product sure makes good coffee!
2. FTC? KMA.


Ed Rasimus said...

With a well-planned and executed shot, your target's heart rate shouldn't rise at all. Oh, you meant...never mind.

Anonymous said...

Using a tea kettle to make coffee? Well, I can't complain. I'm the ironic drunk who gets hammered on screwdrivers.

(With apologies to whichever comedian donated that joke.)


Roberta X said...

Now there's a cruel wrench!