Sunday, August 08, 2010

Things Are Never So Bad

Never so bad that a government program to "fix" them won't make it worse: [President]* Obama's "August Surprise" has yet to be revealed, but some speculation leans strongly to another massive government bailout, likely an attempted vote-buying "Main Street bailout" in the form of forgiving or hugely reducing the amount owed on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans (issuers of the bad loans that stated the whole housing boom rolling).

Can his Administration be that foolish? Will they? I dunno -- but I'm startin' to wish we'd put in a little vegetable garden at Roseholme this year. That's the sort of thing that jump-starts inflation, not the economy; and the current Congress and the present Administration already have a history of pulling the pin on things they haven't any clue about.

Aw, rats. I just realized we haven't got a wheelbarrow, either.
* I continue to object to invoking Presidents and other politicians by naked patronymic. Sure, I believe 95% of them -- at least -- are snakes-in-the-grass who should be kept away from the good silver and the keys to the liquor cabinet and, ideally, never be invited in. It still looks bad to bark out their names. Please, not where Canadians and Europeans can see -- the poor innocents still have a few illusions left about gravitas and dignitas and if we can keep them from seeing any real close photos (Representative Frank, Madame Speaker Pelosi, I'm lookin' at you) and use proper titles, we might be able to avoid shatterin' 'em.


Ritchie said...

"Can his Administration be that foolish?"

Can the voterati be that foolish? My confidence is still in the shop getting it's frame straightened.

rickn8or said...

"The Snark is strong with this one today."

Roberta, the worst part if this massive debt forgiveness comes about is that you know YOU won't qualify because YOU play by the rules.

Stranger said...

The last rumor is "$1,000 down on any home, regardless of credit." Which is pretty much the Frank, Dodd, Obama plan that destroyed our economy in the first place.

Further destruction will not bail out Main Street. Neither will "free money" to "small businesses."

It will take regulatory stability, so the mom and pops and single proprietors will be able to develop a business plan: and low tax rates so Ma and Pa and the kid with his own S Corp will have something left after a years hard work.

Those are the two things the Pelosi-Reid-Obama regime are most unwilling to provide. So things will continue to deteriorate until the people say no and the inmates no longer run the asylum.


og said...

Do you need a wheelbarrow? I have a spare. It might need a tire. it's a bit rusty but it'll hold dirt, it's just no good for mixing concrete unless you put a bit of duct tape over the pinholes. Pretty sound, regardless.

Loki1776 said...

"...keep them from seeing any real close photos..."
You forgot to list Henry Waxman.

@og -- I think the wheelbarrow is for the FRNs it'll take to buy a loaf of bread or dozen eggs.

og said...

Hell, I don't care what she uses it for, I'm just trying to offload a serviceable wheelbarrow.

rickn8or said...


I'll pass on any Waxman photos, thanx.

Exactly on the wheelbarrow; I feel a correction coming, and decided to get a new roof and plastic windows now while my funds would buy them, instead of just barely covering my breakfast tab.