Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ray Bradbury Has Fans

NSFW (language): A music video, not a love song so much as a lust song, to Ray Bradbury. I've always liked his work, but, um. Golly gee. I'm blushing.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Yeah, that was pretty frightening...

Anonymous said...

Can't knock her taste in literature,
but might have expressed it
Anon, Don

Drang said...

Did you see Ray's recent little "too much government" rant?

Scott said...

I caught this on Boing Boing. I immediately thought that both you and Tam would find it amusing. Even with the vulgar language, I now have that tune burned into my brain after only seeing the video once. I have to say that Rachel Bloom has a hit on her hands.

Although the main reason I caught it was because I saw the L5 Space habitat link on Slashdot this morning and I could not help but scroll down the page.

And as a Certifiable Curmudgeonly Curio and Relic, my wife would be shocked. Maybe not, she is a librarian.