Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pork Kills

Government pork, that is, and slowly: former Senator for Alaska Ted Stevens has died in a plane crash near Dillingham, AK. I would not wish an early death, much less such a terrible one, on a man for feeding his state so well from the public trough but I must admit, if ever there was an apt illustration of President Ronald Reagan's comment "...government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem...," Ted Stevens was it. He was, alas, a bridge to nowhere in the series of tubes.

He's earmarking in another assembly, now. Stock up on mother-of-pearl and sulfur, demand's goin' to go up, up, up on either or both.


Anonymous said...

RIP Mr Stevens,

He flew the hump (China, Burma, India theater) running supplies through mountains that were taller than the service ceilings of the aircraft involved. Those supplies kept a lot of pressure on Imperial Japan when the Jarheads went into the Solomons. He was awarded the DFC (Distinguished Flying Cross).

Passes away in due to a plane finding a mountain in a cloud bank.
Who would have thought, as many mountain filled clouds as he must have missed.

Prayers for his family, condolences to the whole state of Alaska, they lost a public servant.

A salute a pilot and a toast to a member of the Greatest Generation, now passing into the memory hole.


Roberta X said...

I'll give him that. He was still a parasite in Congress.

Reminds me a bit of George McGovern: distinguished military career, screwed-up politician.

Mike W. said...

If pork kills then all we need for a successful revolution is BACON!

mmm bacon.