Thursday, August 12, 2010

Headline Fail

And on so many levels:Not, thank merciful Heavens, what a hasty glance appeared to imply.

Image links to the story -- looks like Napoleon's ghost can finally join Clouseau.


Drang said...

And millions of vets across America laugh uproariously, unable to ex[plain why to their wives. (Who would probably get it just fine.)

Stranger said...

I used to work for a lawman who was 6'8" in his stocking feet. His Chief Deputy was 5'0". Which covers both the long and the short arm of the law.

But the Chief Deputy was also the brand inspector, which brought on more hilarity.


Unknown said...

Oh, D.W., I explained it to the wife, & it cracked her up, too.
Some inspections are just...different.

Ian Argent said...

Oh, I got the joke by reading Heinlein (who, admittedly, probably got it from the Haze Grey Canoe Club - though IIRC they weren't painting the canoes Haze Grey at the time).

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