Monday, August 09, 2010

It's a Free Country, Aint It?

But please, use sunblock.

Over Ohio way, there's a little church with a big project: protesting at a strip club, for the moral betterment of us all.

Thing is, the strippers are protesting right back. Yep, out there in front of the church in, well, attire suited to hot weather, waving signs and grillin' burgers. ("I said, 'Don't look, Ethel," but it was already too late.")

All the local lawmen (and prosecutor) will say to reporters is, "We're aware of the situation." --And possibly poppin' popcorn; looks like a great big happy First Amendment time for all.

Live and let live -- annoy, and get annoyed back.

(Via Confessions Of A Street Pharmacist)


excitedVulcan said...

LOL "Don't look Ethel!"

I just used that phrase today!

and I had to explain it... :-(

Anonymous said...

What I found extra ironical were the bible verses they where quoting, I guess they missed the context.

Roberta X said...

Oh, I think there's just all kinds of irony, all around.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Just had a vision of a Carrie Nation Zombie heading through our local Adult Beverage Dispensing Establishment, trying to smash the kegs and having her hatchet bounce off the metal and hacking into her rotting flesh. I thought these kind of protests disappeared a generation ago after the Tipper Gore Hearings and Dee Snider reamed them a new one.

Matt G said...

"She said she makes $2,000 a week."

Now if that ain't creatin' value. With just her hindquarters and her tatas, that woman creates $100k a year out of whole cloth. (Where do I sign up to dance?)

She gives a service, men (mostly) pay for it.

That's a damn' site more honest living than the preacher of that church earns.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Now, if we could just get some pro-gun protesters out in front of this church up here on Ditch Road that has "Trade God Your Pieces for His Peace" on its signboard, I'd be happy.

wv: gatin. Yeah. Gatin my holster, where it belongs.