Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Googling Google

Holy cow, there's an old data mine in the middle of the Google complex! Old, rusty trucks, bare, chewed-up dirt an' all.

I was looking for this,* but it's not on the Google Maps photo, or not very full of camera cars if it is. Old picture, just as they do down Oak Ridge way? Maybe.

(PS: Sure is California!)
* Via Say Uncle by means of Tam.


NotClauswitz said...

That's an old farm I think, they wouldn't sell when everyone else did.
Google (the buildings) originallly was SGI - Silicon Graphics and it (the old house) predates them.

Roberta X said...

You sure? There may be bits in them thar hils! ;)

Rob K said...

They shore is bits in them hills, but it's hard, dangersome work a diggin' `em out! Been a bit miner myself for more `n 15 year' now! These new fangled strip mines them boys at Google can afford, they ain't near so dangerous, but the deep pit mines, whew! Why I remember a time back in ought-5, when I was deep in the bit mine, and I went to the coffee pot, and it was empty and they weren't no more coffee grounds to make more! I shore didn't know if we was gonna' make it out alive!

WV: "hecho" cause it's hecho en California!

NotClauswitz said...

Did they put the byts in the slough by the Bay with the Geese?
Maybe Deadheads found them when Phish was playing at Shoreline Amphitheater. ("Why do Deadheads dance like this?" ~ waving fingers in front of face ~ To keep the notes out of their eyes.)

Roberta X said...

"The Bit Pit" really otta be the name of a popular deadheadish hangout for Googlephibians.... Yeah, maybe buy up the ol' farm, dig a gaping hole, roof it over with corrugated sheet metal, busted solar cells an' water collectors, decorate the inside with rope lights an' big ol' potted plants, Japanese Maples.... ;)