Saturday, September 01, 2012

Breakfast Treat: Egg Targets

Not low cholesterol:

Punch a circle from a slice of good white bread. Melt a pat or two of butter in a pan. Drop the bread in; get the down side buttery, then flip over and break an egg in the center. Pop the yolk and drop a slice of marinated* jalapeno in the center of it, and a ring of mild (or to taste) pickled bananna pepper around the jalapeno slice, so the whole thing looks like a bullseye. You can cover it once it gets going; this will make the top set more quickly.

Cut 4 to 8 radial slits around the perimeter of a lunchmeat-sized slice of cotto salami and fry over low heat (I used a separate skillet -- 'cos all the big ones are in the dishwasher).

When the egg is set enough to flip, do so; the bread should be golden brown. Drop a slice of Muenster or whatever cheese you favor on top, followed by the salami slice, and cook 'til the cheese is melty.

Put on a plate and enjoy! Needs no seasoning. Barely needs silverware, in fact. The leftover disc of bread can be fried up in the salami grease and/or any butter left in the pan.
* We have some mildish ones from Tam's garden soaking in a mixture of pickle juice, red wine vinegar, a dash of salt and a splash of balsamic vinaigrette in a covered dish in the fridge. YMMV.

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