Sunday, September 30, 2012

Register. Vote.

The voter registration deadline in Indiana is 9 October.  You might want to register and vote: while voting might not be able to make things all that much better, you can at least slow the rate at which they get worse.
    (These guys are responsible for the "your one vote..." PSA I've lampooned in the past -- but their hearts are in the right place).

  Found it!By jingo!

     Here's the full story of that "one vote,"  or as much as a quick search finds, anyway.

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Dave in Indiana said...

JMO, but it's kind of difficult to judge the quality Representatives we've set to D.C. due to an individual in the Senate refusing to bring bills up for votes. So I'm inclined to send mine back for another 2 years. I am, however, focused on changing the job description of that individual in the Senate from majority leader to something with a bit less authority. Maybe then we can establish a budget again for a change and maybe start reining in some of the spending.

I'm also ready to declare the Obama presidency a failed experiment and move on. Not a lot of options there but I see no sense at all in spending another 4 years on the fast track to Greece.