Thursday, September 27, 2012

You Get Hit From Both Directions

...It's not an indication you're doing the right thing.  Take Democrat Joe "I Love Obamacare" Donnelly, running against Richard Mourdock in a who's-more-rabid campaign (Mourdock, I think, which is why he has my vote).  Joe thinks being okay on guns and gung-ho for redistribution means he's middle-of-the-road; and he thinks that's good:

But this is Indiana, where what we have in the middle of the a gravestone!  Joe, meet Nancy Kerlin Barnett; Nancy, Joe.  Okay, she'll be taking care of your election hopes, Joe.

     Welcome to the muddle.  Er, "middle."

     Here's Richard Mourdock, freaking out NBC by suggesting bipartisanship means to him that the Dems could move:

The horror, the horror!  Everyone (on the coasts and in Chicago) knows that "bipartianship" means the GOP gives up ground to the Democrat party-line, never ever the other way 'round.   --Mr. Mourdock bids fair to give us way more political theatre than we've had in decades. I'm in favor of that; it keeps them busy in Washington and they do less damage.

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Daniel E. Watters said...

A Texas politician once said "There's nothing in the middle of the road except for yellow stripes and dead armadillos."