Monday, September 10, 2012


It's too delicate to photograph, but Roseholme Cottage has an Unstoppable Spider in the back yard. At the south end of the tomato patch, there's a great spot for a spiderweb: tall tomato plant in a big, sturdy support frame to anchor top and bottom of one side, the 4x4s around the raised bed for the bottom of the other side, and for the fourth anchor point....

Whups! Nothing.

Nothing, that is, until you cross eight feet of empty space and latch onto the paracord holding an end of one of my ham antennas, and that's just what the spider did, with a great long multi-strand cable.

I dunno what kind of spider it is -- probably an Orb Weaver, to look at the web -- but it's got a smallish body and a huge abdomen, and moves a bit awkwardly. As in "tiny, pregnant lady carrying a full laundry basket down a narrow hallway" awkward. But it's certainly not easily daunted!


Kevin said...

This thread is useless without pictures.

Anonymous said...

Her names Aragog, get the Ford Anglia gassed and ready!