Monday, September 24, 2012

Fall Is Here With A Thud

The days are getting chilly; around here, the nights already are.  Campaign signs are popping up in yards like mushrooms--

     Y'know what you need? A hat.  A hat that's got something to say! (Karl's blog is here.)


BobG said...

My dad used to have a hat like that; he got it during the Berlin Airlift from a Russian for a few American cigarettes. Neither spoke the others language, but sign language did the job.

Roberta X said...

OMG! Creeping capitalism! :)

Unknown said...

Fall came way to fast. I'm in need of some more riding time :) But in the meantime while the cold weather continues to get colder I guess I'll just stay doing my reviews. If you don't mind I would love some feedback on a reviews sight that I started not to long ago.