Monday, September 03, 2012

What Passes For breakfast Around Here

Rich, smokey Surry sausage on a bed of rice, quinoa and scrambled eggs with leeks and a touch of green-pepper salsa, garnished with caramelized leek slices, marinated home-garden jalapenos, etc.

I'm not finding any direct links about Surry sausage per se. Buy some and try it yourself, just be advised it wants some rice, mashed tatties or the like on the side, lest you faint from joy.




the meal looks grand wish i could join
you dietary restrictions however say otherwise

bone appititto!

BobG said...

I'm thinking that sausage might be good on a bun with some homemade sauerkraut and a bit of brown mustard.

Roberta X said...

It's worth a try -- but get *good* bread products. Surry sausage has a lot of character. IMO, it's like the platonic ideal of meaty sausage, with a lot of the "fifth taste" but even more deep, complex smokiness.

Escoffier said...

I'm not remotely convinced Quinoa is a foodstuff. Like most things in this category it strikes me as more likely it is some sort of building material and in a hilarious translation screw-up we've gotten the crazy idea it's edible.

Roberta X said...

Hating on quinoa??? I love it. Costs too much but it tastes great. YMMV, as the Roman guy said.

Anonymous said...

And Maybe - Just - Maybe - the nitrates used to preserve the sausage and the alliums in the onions and leeks and garlic you eat have a link to the cause of your migraines and troublesome digestive track??????????

Roberta X said...

..And maybe -- just MAYBE --I have had migraines for 16 years, despite all manner of diets, healthy and not; maybe there is actual, physical damage on the left side of my face where tooth roots punched through the upper jawbone. And MAYBE I got damned tired, after a half-dozen surgeries, of having doctors poke around in there and change the numb spots but never the headaches; maybe I ran through the pharmacopeia and realized most drugs are as subtle and effective as a hammer and resigned myself to A) enduring and B) ibuprofen. And MAYBE I decided to eat what I like on weekends in the meantime.

As for my "troublesome digestive tract" (no teachum spelling in med school?), it's mostly at the far end and is the usual fate of someone who spends too damn much time sitting down. Come to think of it, some of those damn' drugs didn't help much -- Imitrex, for instance, is terribly harsh.

Also, Anon, maybe you should go read some other blog, where they eat sawdust and never, ever admit to any physical failings. You'll be ever so much happier and so will I.

Happy now?

Escoffier said...

Well, hating seems like strong language, how about puzzled by? I've just never noticed a discernible flavor myself. As you say MMMV.

On the migraine front, mine stopped the day i stopped drinking coffee. Literally never had one again. Doesn't sound like it would be the case for you but you never know I guess.