Saturday, September 08, 2012

Home Again, Home Again And Before Candlelight

I have about made up my mind to own an "Ordinary" bicycle, the kind of thing known as a pennyfarthing or Highwheeler. It has taken over two years for the desire to grow and in the meantime, I'm not getting any younger; conversely, even modern editions are not getting any cheaper; the most affordable are within dish-flinging distance* of a grand and at the high end, you're getting hand-finished, high-polished and -plated art, painstakingly assembled as a superb vehicle. Me, I will not be starting at the high end but I shall still have to save up.

...There is a way to start small; I'm looking into it and will report if/when there is anything to report. One thing for sure, I shall have to join The Wheelmen. (They do allow ladies to join; we're not even required to wear corsets.)

On the notion of "meantime...." My work hours have turned pure-dee mean, of a sudden: 11 hours made for a long day, even with a nice lunch break for Turkish food with Tam (herself en route to Geeksville).

Tomorrow, a mere 5 hour day, but an even earlier start; the rest of the week will probably be all elevenses with departure just ahead of the rising sun.

The good news is, I get overtime pay! You might consider that "special money;" I usually do, and do special things with it, sock it away, apply it to the principal of my home loan, or buy fun stuff, lest I start counting on OT pay for day-to-day living. But just this once, I may think of it "'ordinary' money."

* Slightly farther than "spitting distance" and more polite -- though rather more violent. Well, it's always something.


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Awesome. Don't face plant.

greg said...

Yeah...OT can become quite the leash when you start 'expecting' it. I used to try to avoid spending it as ordinary money, but my first two years at PSNS I worked 1150 and 1100 hours of kind of get used to seeing it AND spending it when you get that much over that long a period of time.

Stranger said...

My father told me that if I must ride a "wheel," to avoid downhills. The brakes lack grip.


Ian Argent said...

My work pays "shift differential" - an additional percentage for working outside of 9-17 M-F. My shift, for a long time, was 14-22 or so, Su-Th, which netted not quite 30% "exception" pay averaged across the week, on top of fairly regular overtime. And, then, come shift-choosing time, I was unable to get that shift... That caused me to essentially schedule an hour of overtime per day for quite some time.

By the time I transitioned out of that department, I had basically stopped doing OT, having noted the pain that my colleagues who went to Exempt jobs felt. And my current job, while still eligible for OT, doesnt' have much (yet - eventually I'm going to be on-call, o frabjious day)

Roberta X said...

The specialist press is quite, quite emphatic about the dangers of a "header." I shall endeavor to persevere -- and to not take a header.

Even with OT, it will not be a rapid acquisition. And I note that a new-built wheel does not qualify one to become a voting member of The Wheelmen; one must complete a ride of at least ten miles on (though not necessarily own) a bicycle built before 1918. Safeties are acceptable for this ride.

Joe Allen said...

"we're not even required to wear corsets."

But, you know, you can... if you want. Whatever you think best. And, you could um... post pictures if you like. For science.

Anonymous said...

That's nuckin' futs. Try it once to say you did it, then decide that you want to live. Please.

Still, they are burned into the mind by the end credits of "The Prisoner". Which make them cool.

"I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! My life is my own!"

Cool forever.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered how one mounts and dismounts the things. In the 1956 movie "Around the World in Eighty Days", Cantinflas takes advantage of a handy street lamp to make the climb up to the saddle...

greg - OT can become quite the leash when you start 'expecting' it.

Yep. I once had a technician who, before I took over the department, had been averaging around twenty hours (!) per week of OT. Word came down to put a stop to it. Crisis for her as she had, indeed, gotten to "expect" it and anticipated a real financial hardship without it.

Ian Argent said...

OT can become quite the leash when you start 'expecting' it.

Almost everyone I've known who's gone from non-exempt to exempt in the technical fields has taken home less money despite a nominal pay raise. OTOH, I have worked with a lot of driven folks.

og said...

Saw a guy- in modern riding gear, no less- on a pennyfarthing some couple months back, on a country road. A very hilly country road, so I assume he was a fairly serious athelete. Best of luck, You certainly have the length of leg required. Best of luck!