Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bumper Stickerage: Semiotics Patrol!

I thought I saw one on the way home that read:
I [heart]
The sentiment struck me as a bit...odd; but hey, whatever.

Got a little closer at a stoplight and realized it actually read:
I [heart]2
The "2" was crowded right up on the [heart], making it difficult to read until you were closer than most people get in moving traffic.

Graphic design. It is important.


karrde said...

If this were pointed out, would the maker of the sticker be...guilty?

Divemedic said...

If I saw that, my first thought would be "Oh, Catholic."

Daniel E. Watters said...

A local bible college had an outdoor sign that appeared to read "Guilting Club Starts Next Week!" Upon closer inspection, I was disappointed to find out it was actually advertising their Quilting Club.

Roberta X said...


Anonymous said...

Ha, you can blame the graphics, your eyesight, or the poor optical environment due to the weather - but we all know it was your subconscious sending a subtle message!

Just what have you been up to? Do tell!