Saturday, September 01, 2012

A Visiturk At The Gun Show

Turk Turon visited last weekend, in time to go to the Indy 1500 with a specific gun in mind -- found it, and more besides. It's an interesting tale, and a lesson, too.


Keads said...

Yes it is. I acquired a Colt Official Police. Worked great in the store, got the feeler gauges out, did all of the checks. Take to the range and no sweetness or light.

I will attend to it to the best of my abilities. If I have no luck, off to the smith it goes!

Roberta X said...

And that's the thing with old guns: they may need some work.

Worth it, though, if it's a gun you really like. While I have always liked the Astra "squirt gun" series, which are among the most powerful straight-blowback designs, it wasn't until Turk and I investigated his that I saw how very nicely-built they are.