Saturday, September 08, 2012

Looking At The Back Of An 8-Ball

By the time I got in the shower this morning:

1. Working today. All Day, early start, no backup, critical task.

2. The air-conditioner A-coil has frozen up and I need to open it up and mop up the water, at a minimum. ASAP.

3. Tam's computer, massive and elderly, has horked up some kind of digital hairball. She's got a blog-suitable backup but there's software-for-work on the ailing machine. The suckage is major.


Regular blogging will resume later today, assuming creek levels remain stable.


Don said...

Just a thought about the A/C. The contactor in the outdoor unit may have been welded shut by that lightning strike. If so, it will continue running even after the thermostat shuts off the fan.

Maybe not, but if the filter is clean that would be my next step.

Anonymous said...

Wait! What? Did you just say Tam was massive and elderly???



RX, r said...

Don, let just say...that I had lready purchased filters and changing was overdue. Huck is a bigm tiger-y cat -- and he sheds!

AL: Um, yeah, sure -- NOT. 'Cos I love life.

Anonymous said...

Just a joke.
(bobs and weaves for the rest of his life!)

BGMiller said...


Something suggests to me that you may not have to bob and weave for very long.

So can I have your stuff?


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. It can only get better.


Roberta X said...

...And it has; Tam even booted her computer!

Gewehr98 said...

Did Tam ever get Black Tower I back up and running?

I have Black Tower II sitting in the garage, and would be more than happy to send it to my slightly southeastern neighbors in Indy...

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