Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Injustice Justice: Steven H. David. Vote Him Out!

"Bad cases," legal pundits tell us, "make bad law."

     You know what makes even worse law?  Judges who don't respect your rights.  Supreme Court of Indiana Justice Steven H. David is such a judge.  He's the man whose ruling that you had no right to resist unlawful police entry into your home was so egregious that the Legislature had to draft a law asserting that you do indeed have such a right.

     They fixed the law but left the man in place, where he is likely to do further damage. He's product of a jackboot-leaning Missouri Plan method of picking judges and we have exactly one (1) chance to fire this guy: there's a retention vote for him on the ballot in November and if he isn't sent packing then, we're stuck with him through at least 2020.

     Aside from the little fact that he thinks of all the rest of us as serfs whose doors may be kicked in at police whim, he's got a fine resume and -- if removed from a position of power -- he may even be a useful citizen.  Let's give him a chance to rehabilitate himself: vote NO on retaining State Supreme Court Justice Steven H. David in November!



Tim D said...

What fine resume? All I see is a bunch of Lawyerin'. ...Oh, he was in the Military? Well Military Lawyering is still just more Lawyerin'.

Stranger said...

I would gladly vote him out if I could. The law shark reminds me of a DA I outstubborned a few times in my younger days.

Herbst was appointed DA because he was the only lawyer in the county. The argument at the City Cafe was whether he chewed nails and spit out corkscrews or swallowed nails and - you get the picture. Corkscrews by any route.

Anyway, someone stopped in front of the courthouse and met the sheriff coming out.

"Hey, Mister," sez the pilgrim, "You got any criminal lawyers in this town?"

"Yes," said the Sheriff, "but we ain't caught him yit."